Angela Kayira, MSW, RSW, E-RYT - Counsellor, Yoga Teacher, Trainer

Yoga means connection. It is not uncommon to experience a sense of disconnection from ourselves particularly when we have experienced trauma and stress. Yoga is an invitation to re-connect to our body, emotions and thoughts with kindness and compassion. 

Through gentle movement, breathing practices and guided relaxation techniques the body/mind can become a resource for greater self-awareness, stress reduction and well-being.

One to one yoga sessions are designed for your own unique needs. These sessions are a safe space to learn yoga and mindfulness strategies to support emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

The style of yoga I teach is influenced by alignment based traditions, therapeutic and restorative practices.

If you would like more information or would like to book a yoga session please contact me. Our first session includes a 30 minute free consultation.

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